New Majority

New Majority

New Majority, with chapters in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles County, is a member driven political action committee.

They wanted a platform for keep their members informed about events, actions, policies and engage potential new members. The members can find new articles and photos for each recent event, can book events and get the scoop on what other people in the oraganization are doing lately.

What I Did

  • Assessed content and designed the information architecture
  • Wireframed and designed various layouts according to the goals of each section of the website
  • Web development

The Challenges

  • Understanding what New Majority does, what its members expect from the website and, rendering their content in a visually engaging style
  • Having never worked before on anything related to politics, from this perspective the project was interesting and challenging at the same time; moreover so since the US political system is different from that of my own country
New Majority