Raymond Group

Raymond Group


Raymond Group has been a long-term client and I've worked on creating graphical assets, layouts for new sections and functionality on their website, as well as contributed code.

When they decided they wanted a new website to better reflect their current status and wealth of successful projects, we jumped at the opportunity.

What I Did

  • Used HotJar and Google Analytics to figure out who the current website users were, analyze their behavior and report the stats to the client and other team members
  • Discussed with the client who they wanted on their website and what they wanted the users to do
  • Assessed content and designed the information architecture
  • Created multiple homepage concepts that set out the style and direction for the entire website
  • Revised and refined concepts based on client review as well as input from the creative director

The Challenges

  • On the client's side there were multiple factors of decisions and points of view, so we had to constantly make sure everyone was on the same page concerning the goals, content, functionality and visual style
  • Raymond Group has a wide range of services, technologies and capabilities. They had a lot of very large scale projects as well as high quality content and imagery to go along with them; therefore we had to carefully assess what to focus on and what to leave out
  • Convince potential employees that Raymond is a great workplace, and potential clients that Raymond Group was up to the challenge for the best construction projects anywhere in the United States
Raymond Group