We tame pixels with great code

Turning big ideas into fancy results it’s what we do best. Here at multimediaSky we enjoy taking the time to know you , to understand the project and your competition. We strive to deliver beyond nice looking and functional, adding real business value.


This is perhaps the most important step of the development process and it will dictate the success of the project. Our approach is to discuss closely with the client, to understand his objectives, his customers and his competitors. This way we ensure that what we deliver will generate profit for our clients.

  • Project planning
  • Social media consultancy
  • Web analytics
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Competitive Research


A strong identity is the key to great positioning within the targeted segment of the market. It will boost the exposure and popularity of a good quality product, and it will place it where it deserves. Logos influence the way your potential customers will perceive you when making their buying decisions.

We’ll help you support your unique identity with marketing materials like great stationery, posters, flyers, banners, custom icon design, label design.

Graphic Design

Our services include website layout and graphic design, applications UI design, Facebook pages customizations, custom illustrations to support your content.

  • Layout and graphic design
  • Wireframing, usability testing
  • Custom illustration
  • Identity &stationery creation
  • Promotional materials design: posters, flyers, banners
  • Product labels design

Web Development

The work we do combines beautiful design with flexible, scalable code. Following the layout design is HTML/CSS coding, which we always optimize for SEO.

While building the HTML/CSS templates we keep in mind to minimize and organize the lines of code, embracing the latest CSS techniques while accounting for older browsers, ensuring a graceful degradation of CSS and Javascript for browsers with less support, using HTML tags correctly and properly naming classes, keeping in mind loading times.

Content Management Platforms and PHP Coding

For most of our clients, we’ll provide a CMS to help them with their site’s administration. Our tool of choice is WordPress because it’s expandable, highly popular and with a large community of contributing users, and also because it’s easy to teach our clients to use it.

We created large web shops, real estate platforms, private membership and events management sites.

One important feature we provide for WordPress coding is customizing and optimizing the backend according to the client’s needs: adding lots of easy settings to control the look and content of the site, improving the UI, relying less on plugins and more on embedded coded which ensures faster loading times.

Though we love WordPress, we have worked in the past on other platforms also like Magento, Drupal and Joomla. Contact and tell us about your project, we’re always looking for exciting new challenges.

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